We will talk about Chinese Tesla Model Y electric car costs and Huawei’s first high-tech car in this article. Tesla’s cheapest model Y has risen to 15,060 yuan ($ 2,372) in China. The rise in Model Y prices on Thursday came after the second consecutive week of higher-priced Tesla models. According to CNBC, the Chinese Standard Edition Model Y rose from 301,840 yuan ($ 47,559) on Tuesday to 316,900 yuan ($ 4,9932).

Electric car prices in China and the United States have risen after Elon Musk warned that the economy was suffering from inflation in the raw materials and transportation sectors. In mid-March, prices for the Model 3 and Model Y, which hit the Chinese market, were raised. Increased prices for long-range and performance versions.

The Performance Model Y was up 7.7% in January, while the Long-Range version was up 8% at the time. The cheapest version went up by as much as 5% on Thursday. Inflation on a global scale; The Covid-19 has made it harder to do business in China, pushing up the price of electric cars.

Well-known Chinese electric car maker Xpeng has also announced. It will increase the price of its electric cars from 10,100 yuan ($ 1,587) to 20,000 yuan ($ 3,143) due to higher raw material prices. Xpeng is the flagship P7 sedan; The P5 sedan and G3 Sports are on sale, and the G9 SUV is set to launch later this year.
Huawei launches electric car in China to compete with Tesla

Huawei’s first high-tech car to enter the electric car world is now available in China.

At the end of December, Huawei announced the first Harmony OS electric car, the Aito M5. Seres, better known as SF Motors, have teamed up to build Huawei’s first electric car with its own operating system.

SF Motors is a California-based manufacturer of electric vehicles and auto parts. It uses Huawei’s DriveOne electric drive system and smart vehicle control system. The Aito M5 is a dual-engine car that comes with a 1.5t four-cylinder engine. It is said to have a range of 1,000 km (over 620 miles) on a single charge.

The Aito M5 announced to be better than the Tesla Model Y. It priced at 249,800 yuan for the standard version. The four-wheel performance version priced at RMB 279,800 (over 780,000 MYR). And the flagship version priced at RMB 319,800 (over RMB 90,000) and will currently available exclusively in China.