Mercedes-Benz has introduced an electric car that can travel almost twice as many miles as the Tesla Model S. 

According to Business Insider, the Mercedes-Benz electric concept car can reach 747 miles on a single charge with its battery pack. In the current electric car market, it can drive more than 220 miles on a single charge, even more than the Lucid Air.

Priced at $ 169,000, the Lucid Air electric car is a 520-mile continuous car. It can be driven continuously without stopping. The Mercedes-Benz’s Vision EQXX will be able to travel up to 747 miles without recharging the company’s previous record, the company announced on Thursday.

Vision EQXX drove from Stuttgart, Germany to Selvaston, UK. Earlier this year, Mercedes tested the Vision EQXX electric car, which can record a similar mileage. Tested in mid-April 2022, the model traveled 1,008 km (626 miles) from northern Italy to the southern coast of France on a rechargeable car battery pack.

This time, Mercedes-Benz electric car was able to travel far more than any other car on the market. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates long-range vehicles. Such as the long-range Tesla’s Model S can reach just over 400 miles on a single charge.

Mercedes-Benz has designed the Vision EQXX to be almost twice as fast as the Tesla Model S. Even more interesting is the fact that the air-conditioning was on for about eight hours in a 14-and-a-half hour drive. It’s commendable to travel so long on an EV electric car with an electric car.

Mercedes has no plans to sell the EQXX models, but will build them to test new technologies as research vehicles.

China builds 87,000 electric car chargers in one month

China, one of the world’s largest electric car markets, built 87,000 new electric car chargers in May alone. 

With the rapid growth of the electric car market, EV Charging Stations have been expanded in China. According to Gizmochina, electric vehicles are being expanded to provide more convenient and affordable electric cars.

A report released this week by the China Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Development Association. EVCIPA said that by May 2022, 87,000 new public EV charging charging stations successfully built. This is an increase of 60.5% year on year from 2021 compared to 2021.

As of May 2022, there were 1.419 million public EV power stations nationwide, of which 613,000 were DC power plants; It also has 806,000 AC power stations and 489 dual-AC-DC power stations, according to EVCIPA. The provinces with the largest number of electric car chargers are Guangdong (281,000); Shanghai (109,000 offices); Kyan Su (107,000 buildings); Xie Qian (102,000) is at the top.

The 10 states with the largest number of charging stations represent 72.3% of all public electric car charging stations nationwide. Xingxing Charge; Special Call; It operates with 15 top companies, including State Grid.