The world’s first 1.5TB microSD card that will last for over 220 years

Micron, a storage company, has created the world’s highest storage microSD card. 

Made with Micron’s 176-Layer 3D NAND Process, this SD card is called the i400. The Micron i400 microSD card can store up to 1.5TB of storage and is designed for use with industrial-grade video security systems. The company claims that Micron’s 1.5TB microSD card is capable of storing video security cards recorded for four consecutive months (120 days).

This SD Card can be used for face recognition, It performs AI functions such as license plate reading and object detection for up to eight seconds, and 4K video recording is fast enough. The i400 microSD card features high-speed data transfer technology capable of up to 4GB of data transfer per second.

It can record video 24 hours a day for up to 5 consecutive years, as well as shock-proof / water-proofing. Temperatures can range from a minimum of minus 25 degrees Celsius to a maximum of 85 degrees Celsius (minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit to 185 degrees Fahrenheit). The company claims that the product will last up to 2 million hours (228 years) without damage.

In addition to the security cameras, the Micron i400 is equipped with Dash Cams, Home security system; It is also expected to be used by bodyguards for police officers. The Micron has 256GB; It comes with 512GB and 1TB storage SD cards, and is now the world’s first 1.5TB version. The price of the Micron i400 does not yet know, but SanDisk’s first 1TB MicroSD card, released in 2019, priced at $ 450, so the device is likely to be quite expensive.

China prepares to launch 6G network

Although it is not yet ready to introduce a fifth-generation 5G network technology. China is already looking beyond post-5G network technology. The first generation of wireless cellular technology began in the 1980s. The difference between 1G and 2G networks is that they work on analog and on digital. Even in this age of 3G and 4G networks. 5G is 1,000 times faster than 4G, will not see until two years later.

The next generation of 5G is the 6G network. It claims to be 10 times faster than 5G and have download speeds of up to 1TB per second. China is reportedly researching the network technology. Susin is a head of 5G technology at China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. She began researching 6G wireless in March this year, making it one of the world’s first 6G test countries. The country will officially start research and development in 2020 and expected to be commercially operational by 2030.

The new 6G network called multidimensional. Smart everyday devices, such as 3D IoT design with sensors Automatic driving systems; It is a network technology that can provide a huge upgrade for smart cities.

With the advent of the sixth network, you can look back on your health through smart clothing. Water bottles with display technology; AI intelligence systems and security technologies will also emerge. At present, the United States; Russia and the EU have begun drafting and researching 6G systems. Last February, Charter Communications, a US telecommunications company, tested 6G services.