If you want to see Toyota’s 1936 Model AA, one of Toyota’s first sedans, you can visit the Louwman Museum in the Netherlands. Toyota’s first sedan, one of the best-selling annual brands in the world today, is the Model AA.

The Model AA was built in 1936, and before its production in 1933 were three prototype cars. 1935 The Model A1 was released in May, and the Model A1 is a passenger car. In August of that year, the Model G1 was re-launched.

The Model AA was not Toyota’s first production car, but it was the first sedan to be produced. During the six-year period from 1936 to 1942, only 1,404 units were produced, and in the first year only 100 units were produced.


In 1987, to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Model AA, Toyota attempted to redesign the 1936 model and redesign the original Model AA from 1936. However, it was difficult to find, so we had to redesign it.

But it is not completely lost. Twenty years later, in 2008, the original 1936 Model AA was rediscovered. Surprisingly, the car was discovered in Russia. As we all know, in 1936, the Allies and Russia sided. Germany Japan It’s because Italy was waging World War II.

Now I have seen the Model AA, which can be considered a classic car in Japan, in Russia. Some were skeptical, and expert investigations confirmed that the car was an original 1936 Model AA. Subsequent reports indicate that the Model AA was owned by a Siberian farmer during World War II. After that, we negotiated with Russia.

Model AA

Model AA has four doors, front-engine, rear-wheel-drive. He is also said to be based on a Ford Sedan. The engines are 3.4 L Type A I6 (original) and 2.3 L 2M I6 (reproduction). Transmission is a 3-speed manual. The car is 5 feet 7 inches high and 15 feet 5 inches long. It is almost 5 feet 7 inches wide and weighs 1,500 kg. The body is said to be copied from Chrysler’s DeSoto Airflow.

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Photo: flickr