This is Environment and Education of 2022. How do you live in the current Covid period? I often hear what to do. In other words, Covid has created a new environment not only for the people of Myanmar but also for the people of the world. How long will this new environment last? One year Two years? For many years, no one knew. No matter what the new environment, Things that will not change in a country are political, Business; Social Only education issues. Therefore, in carrying out our daily activities, we must strive to adapt to the new environment created by Covid. Especially ambitious young students, especially in the Covid period, must not only adapt to the new environment, but also strive to turn that new environment into an opportunity. In other words, some environment

When it comes to education, the environment is important. People change depending on the environment. In other words, people grow faster when the environment is good and slower when the environment is bad. Developed countries in Asia, Singapore Korea Due to the good environment in Japan, most of their students are up to international standards. Burma’s neighbors, Thailand, which are underdeveloped, even if they are not as developed as they are. Malaysians Vietnam Students from China are also getting the progress they deserve. This international achievement is reflected in international universities, especially in the United States and Canada. Learning in Western countries such as Europe; International organizations outside the country;

The environment is vast. The environment can be expanded or reduced. If the environment is bad, you can refer to your neighborhood or the whole country. There are two general environments for education. It is a self-controlled environment and an uncontrollable environment.

I mean, some environments are under your control and some are out of control. If a person wants to succeed, he must understand not only his ability to understand himself but also his ability to understand his surroundings. The ability to understand oneself is one of our weaknesses. You know the strengths. Weaknesses You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. We have to do what we should do. But that’s the way it is

Not all attempts to understand are as successful as they should be. There is also the environmental impact that contributes to these efforts. This means that it is important to be able to create an environment. Effort and creativity need to be balanced. Otherwise, you will not be able to reach your destination, and you will not be able to return to your original destination.

A self-controlled environment is a way of life. Health The self-regulatory environment, including time management, includes the education system; Social system; It includes political systems. All of these environments exist near you. In one way or another, it is directly or indirectly related. Therefore, it is important for a person who wants to succeed to be able to interact with all of these environments. This means controlling the controlling environment that will support your education path. We will carefully approach uncontrollable environments. Whatever you do, you need to make sure that the education you want to go to is invigorating.

We will begin to discuss self-controlled environments. In my experience, some young Burmese people are like a straw fire when it comes to hard work, and some people give up when things go awry. Some people like something like an international scholarship. There are a lot of people out there who are just as easy to calculate as you are, and if you follow all the rules over there, you can calculate for yourself.

International scholarships are competitive. It takes more than one effort. You have to work hard and do something. You do not have to enter randomly, nor do you have to enter randomly. Not all are good, and not all are good. Success is the beginning.

We have to see the end. Despite some great effort There are people who return to Myanmar due to illness after not taking care of themselves. There are many people who focus on education and lack knowledge, and many suffer from mental illness when faced with worldly stress. That’s what educational success is all about

I applied for a ( foreign) scholarship. I received a scholarship, educated, finished school and got a degree. This includes getting a job. The process of educational success is the beginning of the academic community. We have to see the end.

The author, his readers, I have arranged some day trips with the trainees. The appointments came to the bus. I travel. They enjoy eating and drinking. I make donations. He returned to the gathering place. The crowd was divided. I went home too. So start a journey. It’s the end. If all goes well, the trip is a success. But the real success is because of your game. Success comes only when people from all walks of life return to their homes safely. This is not to say that a trip can be a success if one of your teammates accidentally returns home. The example of such a trip is not directly related to the scholarship, but to a job. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well

In other words, we will return to the controllable environment. Nowadays, people spend a lot of time at home during the Covid period. When people are in one place, problems can arise. There may be some self-dissatisfaction. There may be dissatisfaction with the family. Some do not live in the environment. This is how it is. Eat as it is. Think of it this way. There may be psychological damage.

Applying for a scholarship is long-term. People You need to be mentally and physically active. I’m not active, I’m dumb, I’m dumb. It is important not to be confused. Foreign Scholarships International opportunities are for the greedy, the greedy. It’s the kind of person who gets forward-thinking. So it is important to be able to build and control the environment. Now I’m getting bored on social media. I have lost weight. There is no work to do. There are more and more negative comments, such as “I want to swear.” Some say that the international education system is gone. Beginner language training; There is a negative view of scholarship efforts.

International scholarships have never changed in today’s world. Education is about teaching and learning. You have to learn. Online is short. Scholarship opportunities will one day become normal. International scholarship opportunities will always be available for unstable democracies like Myanmar. So create an environment that will support your efforts during this Covid period.

In the Covid period, the main motivation was to take care of cleanliness. Only when you are clean can you focus on what you want to do. Singapore In Japan, special attention to cleanliness is not in vain. Sanitation and citizens’ livelihood; Education is directly related. Therefore, the writers should be careful not only when cleaning but also when cleaning the house. At least my room. My desk toilet, The bathroom must be kept clean. When the environment is clean, people are confident. Therefore, you need to take time to clean your house as an exercise.

Similarly, almost all young people today use social media, such as Facebook. Even if Facebook is not good in the long run, it is inevitable. As we all know, Myanmar Facebook today. There is more harm than good. Everyone is writing. Times like elections are worse. Draw what you want. All mistakes are mixed.

You can’t control the whole Facebook environment like this. One study found that Facebook posts used in Myanmar; Much of the information is not intended to educate young people, especially in politics, but to incite hatred and resentment. It is said that writing is a deadly form of positive thinking. Which is better? Which is not good? Do not view any posts. See which posts? Talking does not work. Do not look. If it’s not good, people want to see more. I want to read.

People are more focused on gossip. Therefore, it is important for young people to carefully consider the information that they have no control over when using Facebook and to create a Facebook environment in which they can control it. In other words, create a Facebook environment where you can read information related to your educational goals. It is important to be creative.

In other words, create a Facebook environment where you can read information related to your educational goals. It is important to be creative. In other words, create a Facebook environment where you can read information related to your educational goals.

As I said, to change this whole political system. Changing the whole education system is up to you as a citizen, but politics is very complicated. As a young person, focus on education at an early age. Create an environment you can control. Be careful of the environment you have no control over. May everything go smoothly and reach the desired educational goals. You can read another related news on this Techanology category. our partnership news website is Asia News Bar.

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