Electric car maker Tesla plans to unveil a humanoid robot model by the end of September. 

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, talked about a humanoid robot at Tesla AI Day in the middle of last year. The Humanoid, which was unveiled at the August 2021 launch, is actually a humanoid-clad man dressed as a virtual event, and many thought it was a prototype robot.

Tesla has also promised to launch a prototype prototype by 2022. Elon Musk says the Tesla robot, dubbed the Optimus, will be responsible for tedious and repetitive tasks for humans. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The Optimus robot can walk at 5 miles per hour and can handle objects weighing up to 150 pounds. The Tesla CEO plans to unveil the robot at the company’s AI Day on September 30. According to CNBC, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is expected to transition Optimus from prototype to production early next year.

According to a report on Tesla AI Day last year, the robot was 5 feet 8 inches tall with a normal human body design and weighed only 125 pounds due to its lightweight metal body. The Optimus robot is also intended for use in Tesla car production and for transporting parts in warehouses.

The Tesla robot will also have a face screen that displays useful information. “The robot will fill the labor gap and the price will not be too high,” Mats said.

Tesla interested in robotics over new car model

Elon Musk, Tesla chief executive, says the company’s most important product this year will be the Tesla Bot. 

In its fourth-quarter earnings report, Elon Musk, the company’s CEO, said the development of the Humanoid Robot product would be the company’s most important product this year. Mats has created the Tesla Bot robot from Cybertruck and Semi, the company’s most popular company. Priority will be given to other vehicles, including the Roadster.

Last August, at the company’s AI Day, a robotic costume was worn by humans. He was acting with humans at the time, but said the Tesla Bots were a reality. “We’ve done well with sensors and batteries. Next year we will have a prototype prototype similar to that.” “It simply came to our notice then.

The Tesla Bot, modeled on AI Day, looks like a normal person, stands 5 feet 8 inches, weighs 125 pounds, made of lightweight materials and has human-like fingers. There will also be a screen that displays information on the face, as well as up to 40 flexible actuators.

Telsa robot (AI Humanoid robot)

The robot, which uses AI technology used in Tesla vehicles, equipped with autopilot cameras that can carry 45 pounds and weigh 150 pounds. He said to be capable of running at 5 miles per hour. The robot will use to transport parts from the Tesla plant from one place to another. It will eventually solve staff shortages.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted, “If trained only in the outside world, especially with the advent of Optimus, Tesla AI could play a role in AGI (Artificial General Intelligence).” AGI is a technology that allows machines to understand the tasks that people are performing.

“I think over time this section will become more prominent in the automotive industry than in the automotive industry,” Mats said. Tesla’s robot project codenamed Optimus. Tesla has no plans to launch a Cybertruck car this year and has no plans to build a $ 25,000 car, Matt said.

Mats often talks about pioneering technological innovations, but there are times when his plans do not materialize. For example, on Autonomy Day in April 2019, the company said it would have 1 million robotic autos on the road by 2020. However, these robotics does not actually introduce.