When you visit to France, You Should Visit 3 Places in Paris, France.

Notre Dame of Paris

Notre-Dame Cathedral, which means “Our Lady of Paris”, is a Catholic church where you can see French Gothic works of art. Last year, the temple was destroyed by fire, much to the chagrin of the world. In the past, those who wanted to enter the temple were waiting for a long time.

For those of us who were on the move, the only glimpse of the whole church building came from afar. Everyone loves the beauty of the interior windows. If you have time, you should go inside the temple and study.

Construction began in 1163 and was completed in 1345. It is 69 meters (226 feet) high. Another feature is that there is a zero point. 0 Kilometer Point Of course. The Zero’s symbol indicates the distance from there to other cities (from Paris). Some say that if you pray to return to Paris here, it is a prayer.

Sightseeing Cruising along Seine River, Paris

You can see many landmarks and buildings in Paris. If you want to learn more about their history in one sitting, you should buy sightseeing cruises on the Seine. There are river cruises for study and lunch. There are also ships that come and go for dinner, so you can buy whatever you like. We only rode the boat for study. There are many cruise companies and tour agents offering this service.

The boat leaves every 45 minutes or so. If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask. In the evening, it is busier, but in colder climates, it is more resistant to cold. The ark was to have two decks, and the upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access.

See more outside It’s good for photography, but in the winter it gets really cold. Downstairs, it was a heated glass room, so when we left, we had to move downstairs like a bus. The Eifel Tower can be seen from near and far and can be photographed from the ship. Interesting history and bridges, including the Notre-Dame Cathedral. Buildings can be documented in a magnificent way. Speakers and buildings and bridges Japan Korea And so on.

Shopping in Paris

Paris, a fashion capital, is ideal for shopping. Be sure to ask for tips on how to get a refund. We went shopping at Galeris Lafayette Haussmann. Male There are a variety of world-class European brands for women-only buildings. LVs can be purchased in a row. We have to compete with China and Korea. For Asians, a tax refund is provided in the basement of a nearby store. Please make sure to ask this. You can withdraw cash at once.

You can also fill it in the card. Putting it on the card can take a Fri time to get it back. Immediate withdrawals also reduce the return on investment. He has his weaknesses. Of course, if you are given a Tax Refund Envelope, be sure to return it from the Refund Mailbox at the airport you are returning to.