Memories of Safari Desert is one of the must-see places in Dubai. Even though there is sand everywhere in the city, we may wonder why we still have to go to the desert. But it can also be enjoyed on the sand in the safari desert. They also do it for those who want to take a self-driving adventure. I rode in a car driven by people I used to drive. There are only two agencies that are allowed to visit tourists on the safari desert. One of them, Arabian Adventures, became more famous, so I had the opportunity to go on a desert trip with them. The car is a 4 Wheels Drive Land Cruiser. It’s really a long journey. The tour usually starts around noon.

Is a desert trip just to see the sands? (Memories of Safari Desert)

This trip includes these plans.

  • Look at the small animals that live in the desert. (Memories of Safari Desert)
  • Watch shows of trained vultures. (Memories of Safari Desert)
  • You can ride a quiet car on a sandy road. (Memories of Safari Desert)
  • I can watch the sunset from the desert. (Memories of Safari Desert)
  • You can ride a camel. (Memories of Safari Desert)
  • Have a local buffet dinner in the desert. (Memories of Safari Desert)
  • Must see traditional Belly dance. (Memories of Safari Desert)
  • You can try skiing on the sand.
  • You can wear traditional clothes and take photos.
  • I can get a temporary tattoo with Hana.
  • You can use Shisha.

What to prepare for a desert trip?

Because of the rough terrain, you would probably need to fasten your seatbelt carefully when riding in a car. The driver will always warn you.

  • You also need to stay away from cars when you are resting.
  • Some cars do not have a roof. If you choose to drive this type of car, all your body parts, especially your arms and legs, Feet The head must be inside the car.
  • No animals or plants are to be handled without the permission of a tour guide. Animals can be aggressive; This is because some plants are poisonous.
  • If your car breaks down, you need to follow the directions of the guide.
  • You may need to open and close the car door carefully when parking on the slopes, as strong winds can sometimes occur.
  • The safari route has been determined and will not be re-operated.
  • Do not go outside the designated area while resting on the Campsite.
  • Guides on the safari will be trained in first aid and an emergency kit will be provided in the car.
  • Inform your tour guide immediately if you experience any discomfort while walking in the desert (meaning severe discomfort).
  • When riding a camel, do not try to force the handlebars while eating.
  • I spit in the desert. It is very important to follow the rules that are issued almost all over the city. The penalty is very high.
  • It is also good to take thin towels. Properly protects against dust and sun damage Hats for men. Please bring sunglasses.
  • Also, beware of drinking water in the car.
  • Drink plenty of water. Sun creams and sun blocks should be applied to the skin.
  • Garbage cannot be thrown away. I had to carry a garbage bag in the car. Shooting is allowed only at designated areas.
  • Photography is allowed, but beware of military affiliations. Soldier It is important to avoid taking pictures of security guards and local women.

Memories of a desert trip I personally experienced

It is a short drive into the Dubai Desert Safari Desert. It takes about two hours to drive. Before entering the Safari Desert, all 4 Wheels Drive cars have to deflate all the wheels in a designated area. Not flattening; It has to be reduced to a sufficient amount to struggle in the sand. After all, the journey begins. The journey is approximately 45 minutes.

It’s strange for me to see a child. Coming from a country with a lot of trees and forests, it was strange to me to see only the desert and the blue sky. Along the way, you will find long-horned goats and goat-like animals that graze in the desert. It seems to have been born. Because I found the dishes. So far, nothing has changed except driving in the sand.

After a while, we came to a place in the desert with a lot of greenery and shade. There were five people in our car without a guide. He and his group came in other cars as well. All the cars stopped here for a while, and we looked around. I could hear him announcing with a loud bang. Not far away, two camels were seen sitting with their mouths closed. One group after another was asked to enter and take photos. So this guy knows.

Then they will take the money to take a photo. But the last thing you want to do is take a photo to remember it. We urge you to go to the toilet here as there is no place to rest when you leave. So I’m light I had to scramble in the sand to get to their toilet. When I arrived, the toilet was lovely. It is covered with small walls. Boys and girls have separate toilets, but voices can be heard.

The two girlfriends next to me were joking around, and I was overjoyed. It’s a wall-like toilet, but it’s well-made inside. It fits in well with the booze and the mats. Hand basins; There is also a variety of soaps. It is carefully made inside. It fits in well with the booze and the mats. Hand basins; There is also a variety of soaps. It is carefully made inside. It fits in well with the booze and the mats. Hand basins; There is also a variety of soaps.

I went to the toilet and looked up at the sand. I took photos. After a while, I heard the announcement that the event would start at a place with a wide array of seats. What to show? I ran and sat down and saw a trained vulture doing this and that. The presenter made it into a comedy. The vulture flies far and wide; Show up immediately It’s interesting to bring small items. It’s hot. But it’s comfortable to be in the wind. The match ended in less than 10 minutes.

Finally, arrangements were made for those who wanted to take pictures with the vultures. We also collect money as usual. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange.

After the show, get in your car and get started. In fact, I had no idea that I was driving such a car when I went to the safari. The first row of the car, David from our group sat next to the driver. In the middle, Sandy and Malisa. David and I sat in the last row, so I did not look far ahead.

I stared at what I could see in the desert, and suddenly the sound of a car falling directly down a dry cliff made me panic. I used to ride a roller coaster in the playground, but now I have to ride in the desert. It gives us a sense of awe-inspiring sensations as we descend and descend into the sand dunes of the desert. The sand suddenly disappeared in my eyes.

For 10 minutes in a row, I was terrified of seeing the car go straight down. 10 After a few minutes, the situation became normal and I felt dizzy and vomited, so I had to keep my temper under control. If you do not fasten your seatbelts, you will end up in a car. I have to apologize a lot to the driver. If there is another way, go because we are drunk. He replied encouragingly. We have to go this way.

After enduring this ordeal for some time, He came to a stop. I asked, “Are you here?” I have not arrived yet. He also had to go out and take pictures to get drunk. The cars that left in front of our car; All subsequent cars paused on this sandy slope. They take photos. It takes time. I thought to myself, would you watch the sunset right here? After a while, he told everyone to get back in the car and continue their journey.

At that moment, I saw a car struggling to get back on the sand. Only then did I realize that such a thing could happen. The sand truck was trying to get all four wheels off the steering wheel. Another car was waiting to help. Tourists stare at each other, anxiously waiting for their car to return.

The driver told them that if they diverted from their usual route, they might wander into the desert. Probably. Now they are driving to another place to watch the sunset, and to me it seems like they are just going back to these places. I climbed the sand dunes. The big upside down. I went back up. I drive the car left and right. The scenes are very similar. After a while, all the cars hit the head of one of the two sand dunes, one after the other.

We also went down and climbed the sand dunes and watched the sunset. Others went to another sand dune in front of them. We followed. There are more visitors than locals on this trip. Korea Japan And white people. I think Myanmar is rare. The white couple sitting next to me was watching the sunset He looked at them in a romantic way, and he did not know who he was. The sun had not yet set for about six and a half hours. Anyway, at least I did not go down without explaining myself first in the desert.

The sun is setting in the desert. It is too late to dim the light. It was about seven o’clock when we arrived at Campsite for dinner, but the light was still on. At the entrance to Campsite, there are about 15 camels. As soon as our cars parked in the parking lot next door, we saw people rushing to get to the camels earlier. The lovely thing here is that there is no barbed wire in the desert. Tourists line up without going up systematically.

At the beginning of the trip, I thought it would take a long time to ride the camel, but when I actually rode it, I was spinning in this small circle. I think it will take about a minute. As he sat on the camel, he jumped on his back and jumped. It is common for two people to ride in one. As soon as the two of them sat down, I startled when the camel told to get up. Quite high. When I got up first, I did not have to fall on my back.

As I rode in the camel’s lap, he laughed as he walked. At the end of the week, the camel made to kneel down. As an animal, I sometimes stick to it. I support it whether I like it or not. When the first six legs erected, the man fell forward and fell. Then I put my back foot down. Well, that’s a memory too. The man fell asleep and fell. Then I put my back foot down. Well, that’s a memory too. The man fell asleep and fell. Then I put my back foot down. Well, that’s a memory too.

Then I entered Campsite. Campsite has its usual souvenir shops; For those who want to take photos with vultures, There are studios where you can take photos in traditional costumes. Do not take every photo you take. I went to a photo studio with their clothes and wanted to make a souvenir, so I had to pay more than 200,000 Burmese kyats. I given a stick with about 10 photos. These are not include in the itinerary package. Our group took our own table and stared at the people here and there.

They take photos. At that time, it is getting cold. This is a good thing. You can drink Free Flow here, so you can drink a lot of energy. In places like Dubai, this is gold. You’ve started to fill up on delicious snacks (actually). Hanna on the other side of the Campsite (Hana) and hands. Fake tattoo artists also lined the neck.

I think those who have to do it will not be able to do it. The works became childish. On the other hand, in a small private place, people are using Shisha with his group. As we were about to return, we took a deep breath. Flavor is not a choice. Same thing. Shortly after arriving, the entertainment program began. Nothing special. A girl with a waist The baby shook and danced. I want it to be more like a circle dance with the musicians. Now he was alone on the big red carpet, listening to the music coming from the loudspeakers.

The entertainment lasts about ten minutes. He also called for a buffet dinner after the dance. They ran and took it. It is very good to eat local food. The roast lamb is not what they make it It is good to eat. If so, choose something good and expensive. Then U Aung took a lot in advance. Only Buffet said. After a while, it gone. This dish refilled. By the way, there is water, If you drink water, Myanmar children will ask for confirmation of age. They care so much about it.

You will politely expel from Campsite as soon as the power goes out at 8:30 pm without wasting much time. Then we ran back to the car knowingly. The man is well. When I got in the car, I remembered and asked if I could drive back the way I came.

Only Taw Thee’s return route. On the way back, I did not go up and down like before. The road was straight and smooth. Give it some time and get out of the safari. Before leaving the whole area, we had to stop for a while at the entrance and stop at the place where the tires deflated.

Then we had to return to the city. The man was fast asleep on the road because he had to return to the city. It’s a luxury to go and eat and drink. Anyway, at least I did not go down without explaining myself first.

When you arrive in Dubai, you strongly encouraged to visit this Desert Safari as well. If you are going to Dubai, it is quite convenient with Emirates. The return service on the plane matches the price you pay.