What is the Best time for Burmese to Travel to Europe? In line with our holidays, the April Thingyan holidays and the December New Year holidays are the most popular destinations for tourists visiting Europe. Before this season, travel agencies also tend to advertise. In my experience, traveling on a December vacation can be a daunting task, since carrying heavy clothing can be a daunting task.

If you go shopping over there, you will probably end up buying more with these sweaters. I even had to leave some clothes. On the plus side, it is relatively cheap, as it is a holiday season in Europe. Especially hotels. In April, I think the weather will be better for Burmese people. It is not too cold, so it is less difficult to carry a lot of warm clothes.

The price is still cheap. The best time to visit regularly is from June It is in September. The weather is cool and comfortable. This is a rough guide. It may vary slightly from country to country. This season is also the best time to go backpacking. People also want to be clear. If you do not want the weather to be too cold, it may be best to leave at the end of September, just after the start of the tourist season.

If you go in winter, be aware that the days are very short and the nights are long. In some countries and cities, the sun may not even rise. Their shops are less open at night. They are countries that work full time and enjoy full human rights. During the off-season, it closes two hours earlier than scheduled. If you are shopping these days, make sure to adjust the timing and opening times.

In the summer It is convenient to visit because there are countries and cities where the days are long and the lights are still on until 8 pm. Shopping is the same as their regular store opening and closing hours. It is not open because it is still light. They do not try to sell more because of the new year.

Time difference (travel to Europe)

It is about 6 hours between Europe and our country. They have 12 o’clock in the morning and 6 o’clock in the morning in Myanmar.

I will try to sleep on the plane during the flight

I often travel to Europe on a one-way trip. Flight time is around 12 to 14 hours. The average waiting time at the airport is around 4 hours. Therefore, if you try to sleep on the plane, you will reduce the fatigue due to the time difference. I spend a lot of time watching movies because I really can’t sleep. People are more tired. One thing you can do is change your time on your watch and go to bed before you go to Europe. About a day or two.

Money (travel to Europe)

We use Euro currency. Although the currency used varies from country to country, the euro is widely used throughout Europe. There is not much to say for credit / debit card holders. If you want to get cash, don’t buy USD, buy Euro all at once. It hurts a lot to convert from USD to Euro there. Because the price is more convenient here. This is because it is more convenient to use the card from an ATM than to convert the euro into a euro.

Make sure you manage your credit / debit cards.

Be sure to check with your card issuer to get a valid card in Europe. Most cards are fine. As a regular card with Paywave, be careful not to forget your PIN. In most cases, you will be asked for a pin. If you lose your card for any reason, you can contact us. Remember emails and websites.

Do not forget to bring a Multi Plug / Adapter

If you want to buy, you can not easily find it. If you buy it there, the price will be higher. You should buy it here and prepare it in advance. Buy something that can be used in many countries. If possible, include as many plugs as possible. Make sure you bring a personalized charger for your phone. In hotels, there are only one or two plugs. And it is difficult to rent in hotels when needed. Shop at airports, even if you are not from Yangon, as not all stores sell them. If you go on a tour, do not expect from them. It is safest to bring yourself.

Buy a SIM card (travel to Europe)

Here you need data SIMs to access the internet rather than talking on the phone. SIM cards are sold there. Vodafone also costs around Euro 20. Data SIMs that can be used in many countries here are also being sold in Myanmar, so you should buy them. I’m Wi-Ho! I bought four SIM cards. You have to pay USD 40. You get 4GB. Can be used for 15 days. He automatically connected to a telegraph in his own country and provided the Internet.

4GB is enough for a 10-day trip, but not enough for a regular user. It takes about 3 to 5 hours by car to travel from one city to another. If that is not enough, connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot as soon as you get free Wi-Fi. That should be sufficient enough. If you run out of 4GB, your internet connection will slow down and you will be frustrated. It can still be used.

Problems with the waist

If you travel a lot, not just in Europe, Ginger may be present. They are happier where people with money come and go. So never leave your bag unattended and be especially wary of easy-to-open side pockets. Bags are also taken apart. They draw lots as if asking for directions. Somewhat cautiously, one of my friends and sisters grabbed one of the black women who was holding a large map and asked her for directions. So be careful. Wallet I would like to ask you to take care of your passports.

If you go with children, you need proof of parenthood

This is an extraordinary process. You will need it if you need to. However, during the last trip, it was strange that the check-in and ticket will be issued only if you can show proof at the departure from the other airport. So, if possible, the children’s birth certificate, Or bring a copy of the household list if you have translated it. Take a photo Please show it when requested. Because you need to prove the relationship between children and adults.

Pregnant women need a doctor’s recommendation to travel

Pregnant women also have travel restrictions, so they need a letter confirming how many weeks pregnant they are and how safe they are to travel. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Do not carry too much luggage

If possible, travel with the largest luggage. Once two or three are on board, we have a lot to talk about. Up to two are fine, but when three are done, we can start talking. Buyers are likely to call everyone who looks appropriate, if there are only a few. Put everything you bought in that bag. When a tax refund is issued, it is necessary to show some of the items purchased at the airport so that they can be included.

Some tax refunds can be issued before check-in, but some can only be issued after check-in, so it is better to have an extra bag on board. Even with a lot of shopping bags, the plane can still find problems. Because of the high cost, I would recommend you to buy carefully. From one city to another, from one city to another. It is difficult to carry a lot of luggage because you have to travel by train If you are going to go, go with as little weight as possible.

If you go with travel agencies, you will have to pack your own luggage. (In most countries, tour guides, tour leaders and drivers do not do everything. Only people who are lucky enough to help do it. Unlike people in Asian countries.)

Do not expect expensive hotels

If you want to stay in the cities you go to, do not expect cheap and expensive rooms. In the city, even if it is not the season, it costs 200,000 in Burmese currency. It costs around 300,000 and the room is cramped. Outside the city, you can get the kind of room you expect.

The price is around this market. The advantage of living in the city is that you can visit at night. Hostels can be cheaper and more fun than hotels if you go on your own. Bath soap Services such as shampoos and towels are often provided, but toothpaste and toothpaste are not. You will need to bring your own toothbrush as you do not know how to service toothbrushes.

Download Google Maps and Google Translate applications (travel to Europe)

Both are important. Go on your own schedule. If you can go on a tour and look at maps, that’s fine. Even with a tour plan, these maps can be a great way to get back in time when you sometimes have time to shop around. For those who go on their own, it is the most reliable. The translation app is needed because some countries may not have English language support. There are even more convenient ones like China. So the Translate App can help with anything.

Would you like European food? (travel to Europe)

I like a variety of foods, so it’s fine. But because I am exposed to Burmese food every day, I sometimes crave spicy and sour foods. I also want to eat rice. Therefore, if possible, add enough oil to the fried pieces that represent it.

I will travel all over Europe on my own schedule (travel to Europe)

If you think about it this way, it would be your first trip to Europe. You can think of a short train ride to many countries. Then you can know in advance which city to go to and which city in which country to go to. Crossing nearby can be a lot more fun and tiring than traveling north and south. Crossing cities by train is a bit more expensive, but the journey is much shorter. We traveled from Florence to Rome in just over three hours by car, and by train in less than an hour and 20 minutes. The train level is high and the ride is quite comfortable.

Should I go on a tour? Should not I go? (travel to Europe)

If you’re shopping a lot, it ‘s a good idea to go on your own. The price may be more expensive. You can do it depending on your intelligence. Or if you want to get on your first trip smoothly and comfortably, go on a tour. You can send it to all the places you should be on your trip. Hotel I don’t have to worry about transportation. If you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position. You can do that.

Which tour should you choose? (travel to Europe)

There are many tour agencies offering good plans from Myanmar to Europe. Most are comfortable. Those who want to go can go as they please. If you want to inquire, you can also inquire about this tourism industry. Applying for a visa is just the beginning.