Do you know what is Behind the Delicious Dishes on the Emirates Plane? I think the era is progressing too fast. We too have to travel from place to place for work. As the number of travelers increased, so did the number of restaurants in the tourist destinations. What we eat directly is usually in parking lots, It happens in airport restaurants. Land is not a big deal. If there is a village in the city, there is food. Nowadays, sidewalk cafes are popping up all over the place, so you don’t have to worry about food or drink. It is hot only when traveling by air and sea. Sailing is also on board. We’re sad if we can not eat or drink on the plane while flying.

Short trips are not a big deal, though. Long nights at night I think this food is important when you go by boat. When I visited Dubai last month, I flew with Emirates. Although the flight time was only 5 hours, we had to wait for a long time on the plane with the check-in and after the flight after we had to carry our cargo at the new Yangon Airport due to a malfunction. The departure time is 1 pm, but we really have to leave at 3 pm.

Breakfast of Emirates Plane

Before boarding the plane and going to bed, the flight attendants looked at the blue screen, saying that if the girls had ordered breakfast in advance, they would not fall asleep. When you grab a menu, you end up with a Fine Dinning restaurant. From there, I chose a set that I would like to represent for breakfast. Always on the plane I used to be jealous. Most of the time, I only fly on budget airlines, so I only bought noodles for food on the plane (I brag that I am not rich) so I did not put much food on my plane.

When I woke up for breakfast, I realized that the breakfast they prepared was delicious and delicious. But until then I did not really think about how to make food on this plane. Most of the domestic airlines I have flown to are often connected to one of the usual restaurants. Since foreign airlines are almost always eating these kinds of dishes on a regular basis, I thought to myself that I was handing over a food business. It wasn’t until I arrived at Emirates’ food production facility that I realized I was completely wrong.

Food Production Process of Emirates Plane

Lots of cars every day. At Emirates, which operates multiple flights, the food production process is similar to that of about 100 restaurants being cooked simultaneously. We, who came to study, wore white robes and wore headscarves to prevent hair loss. If you have a beard, you also have to cover your mouth and nose. You also need to wash your hands before entering the room. We pay special attention not only to the health of the workers but also to the health of the passengers on board. We had the opportunity to study and work with a large number of staff in each department. Cleaning? Spoon, Hammer packaging? All of them are constantly being manipulated.

Chefs of Emirates Plane

The food is cooked by more than 500 chefs from around the world. Since it is from all over the world, the food includes food from many countries. Green salmon like Japan? Do you eat steak like in the West? Indian squid? Boiled Chinese rice? Thai herbs? They have the power to cook, so I have to go from room to room, even my legs are numb. It can not be endless. Preparing for dessert is also gratifying. What to eat I have to control my curiosity.

The Emirates are producing food like this every day, and the food menu is changed every six months. At one time, it was said that three menus were prepared in turn. It was only when we got here that we learned that the food we ate on the plane was not light. So that it can store on an aircraft. The pilot had to think carefully about how to make it easy to warm up in the microwave. Depending on the class of ticket purchased on the plane, the cup used may be slightly different.

Kitchen Control Room of Emirates Plane

I interested in when they get into big or small issues. There is a control room that they show. The planes took off. A large screen displayed arrival. People are sitting and watching. Some planes are late for various reasons. The food processing department is also concerned about late departures for a variety of reasons, including the weather at the airport over there. So, if this flight is a regular flight, we have to prepare breakfast and lunch. However, since the flight delayed that day, I had to change my lunch and dinner and get on board instead. I learned that they also have similar problems.

It is hard to believe that Emirates’ food production department produces about 140,000 different kinds of food every day. Today, as I write, I have to admit that I could not help but admire the professionals who are trying to create the taste that the consumer is ordering right now on the ground while serving food.