Mount Nebo in Jordan is one of my trips. I’ll ever made in my life was to travel to places in the Bible that are unique to the Christian Bible. Mount Nebo, one of Jordan’s most iconic landmarks, is a must-see for both Christians and international travelers.

From the Bible Mount Nebo

Because of the interest in this mountain, it is an important historical site for believers because it is the place where God called Moses (the Bible name Moses in the Bible) and showed him the Promised Land. Moses rescued the Israelites (Egyptians) from the land of Egypt, but he was not allowed to enter because of the transgressions of God on the road.

This can be very brief and difficult to understand all of a sudden. For those who want to read in harmony with the Bible, you can read Deuteronomy 34. Moses too died on the Mount of Transfiguration from Moab (Jordan). That is why it is a place of special interest to Christians.

Mount Nebo today

Mount Nebo is located in the Madava region of Jordan at 2,625 feet above sea level. On a clear day, the view from the mountain is breathtaking. The surface color may vary depending on the weather at the time of travel. On a nice day, the mountains, the mountains of Jordan, The Dead Sea and Jerusalem. When I left, the weather was nice and I could see the scenery very well. The terrain is flat. There is no greenery.

It can be said that this situation has recently happened on the mountain. At the top of the mountain are other monuments, along with the ancient temple of Moses. You can explore the museum and some really valuable artifacts.

Temple of Moses Memorial

When we reach Mount Nibo, we see a park with a special gate near the top of the mountain. The entrance fee is 2 Jordanian rupees (around 5,000 kyats in Myanmar currency). It is open from October to April from 8 am to 4 pm and from May to September from 8 am to 6 pm. From the gate to the temple, walk along the path with trees and flowers. You can still see the remains of bricks and stones from the ancient building.

The original church was built around the 4th century and was laid in 597 AD. Inside the cathedral are some of Jordan’s finest and most beautiful mosaics. The most unique thing about this place is that you can see and study many works of art. The cathedral was demolished in the 16th century and revived in the 20th century. The site was purchased by a Franciscan denomination in 1932 and is undergoing renovations and renovations.

Is there really a tomb in Moses?

It’s really confusing. It is said that the tomb of Moses in the 4th century was discovered in 1933. Six tombs were found under the floor of a magnificent mosque covered with mosaic art. Is this the real tomb of Moses? If not, it is still a matter of thinking. It is true that Moses died on Mount Nebo, but no exact record of his burial place remains. The Bible says, He was buried in a valley in Moab. To this day no one knows the tomb of Moses. ” It is thought-provoking. During my trip, I did not see the six tombs at the base of the temple.

Fire Snake Monument

The Brazen Serpent Sculpture can also be seen on the top of the mountain. Christians already know about this fire serpent. As Moses was about to enter the Promised Land along the way to deliver Israel, he was bitten by a fiery serpent and died because of Israel’s unrelenting reproach against God.

Then they came to Moses and apologized to God for all their sins. Read more in Numbers 21: You can read and study at 4-9. It happened while traveling to Moab (modern-day Jordan). This is not the case here, but it is associated with Moses, so the serpent was erected in front of the temple of Saint Moses. It was created in 2018 by Italian artist Giovanni Fantoni. The sign associated with the resurrection of the serpent was that Jesus was to be crucified. You can read about it in John 3:14.

Extremely unique ancient mosaics

As I said before, The Church of Saint Moses here has some of the finest and most beautiful mosaics in Jordan. Mosaics refers to different objects, such as stones, Glass It can be roughly described as a work of art made of many pieces of glass. Mosaic, also known as the Masterpiece, was created in 530 AD by hunters and lions. Tigers It’s a great creation that includes animals like bears. You can see it on the floor. You will also see the creation of a map mosaic with the names of the places of Jerusalem. 

When you visit places in the Bible, you become more knowledgeable by following the Scriptures. I also find that reading the Bible makes sense. At the time, I was a busy travel blogger, taking lots of group photos with a group of fellow travelers from Burma, so I put my camera backpack in my purse and did not remember until I got out of the car.

When he got out of the car, he found out that the bag was left behind, so he apologized to all the staff and ran back to find it. Fortunately, there were so many guests, but no one touched the bag. Otherwise, everything I bring will come with my camera equipment. So Mount Nebo was a great memory for me.