Where is the Best Places for LGBT? We have not seen LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender) communities openly in public for years. Now I post pictures of couples on social media and some of them like it. Some have even been criticized for posting in the face of such criticism. The same is true in the world. Not all countries are optimistic. Even in host countries, not all citizens like this, and traveling for such couples can be frustrating. So, if you want to travel in Myanmar like this couple, here are some of the small cities in the world.

New York United States

The US capital, New York, is said to be a safe haven for LGBT couples. The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art There will be art museums and tours designed specifically for LGBT people, such as LGBT history walking tours.

Paris France

Paris, the capital of love, is one of the most popular destinations for LGBT couples. Occasionally there are LGBT events. The 10th LGBT Games were held on August 4-12. Stop by the Eiffel Tower and take a very respectful photo with your partner.

Seoul South Korea

The first Korea Queer Culture Festival was held in Seoul, South Korea in 2000. At the time, only about 50 people attended, but in the summer of 2017, more than 50,000 people were attracted to the event. This means that not everyone who attends this event is LGBT. Their friends, Mate, There may be people who love this society. However, this increase in numbers indicates the strength of this LGBT community. Here are some fun places for LGBT couples to visit. Beautiful white people like K-Pop artists will be attracting LGBT people from Myanmar.

Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is a very convenient place for LGBT people. LGBT people are seen all over the world. Their citizens themselves seem to fully understand such couples. The city can be a free haven for Burmese couples for any reason, as LGBT and sex are also considered. It is easy to get used to the culture and lifestyle. A coffee shop dedicated to LGBT people. Bar Club Bathrooms and massage parlors are ready, so it will be a free world for those who want to have fun.

Milan Italy

LGBT and fashion (especially gays) are inseparable. France and Italy are places where LGBT people enjoy themselves because they excel in beauty. Buy famous fashion brands. I will pay. It’s one of the best fashion cities to do that. Milan, Italy is said to be LGBT favorite destination. Bars designed specifically for the gay community; Parties Cultural festivals; Movie shows; Fashion shows are common here. Another Italian city, Lombardy, is also known for filming the popular gay novel “Call Me by Your Name”.

Tokyo Japan

Most LGBT people visit here on holidays. Gay for the weekend. Even if this is not widely accepted, their culture does not openly criticize the conduct of others. They are not criticized for their sexual orientation. Is that why there are more gay bars in Tokyo than in London?

Sydney Australia

2017 You may recall that in November, 61% of Australians supported same-sex marriage and called it Love Wins. Many of them here also know the meaning. Unknown to them, they changed their profile picture to rainbow flags. At this point, it’s clear how comfortable it would be for LGBT people to visit here. There is the Drag Queen Show. This peaceful, fun-filled place is one of the most sought after places for LGBT couples.

Berlin Germany

Berlin is a land of interesting history and artistic culture, and is unique to LGBT people in Germany. For LGBT people (especially gays), fun is a place where parties can continue to have fun.

Telavi Israel

Israel is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s an oasis in the desert. Many foreigners come here. Many LGBT people relax on beaches and lakes. It is considered a gay-friendly tourist city. Things to do There is also a nightlife. They have a lot of fun for the LGBT people during Pride, and everywhere is full of parties and parties.

Amsterdam Netherlands

Amsterdam, once considered the LGBT capital of Europe, is also a popular destination for LGBT people. The Netherlands is also the first country in the world to accept same-sex marriage.

In our country, the LGBTQ community is recognized. Criticism Insult Even with all the ridicule, there is a sense of insecurity in everyone’s life. For example, At the very least, you have to be involved in life as a make-up artist. So I think there are very few people who hate bitterly. That is why it is rare to have unpleasant behavior when visiting Burma. If you kiss on the lips in public, you will not be able to speak. Internationally, in addition to the top 10 countries, Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines and Singapore are also LGBT countries. Behaviors are also considered by straight couples, so it may be convenient to take a few simple steps around.