The United defender has played in three different leagues during his career. He started his career in Ligue 1 and then played for Real Madrid for a decade in Spain. He then moved to Manchester United last summer to get a taste of the Premier League. Now that he has played 16 games for the club, Varane has revealed that this match is different.

“The intensity of the competition is really different. The speed of the race is really high level. It was a wonderful experience. “I really like the atmosphere on the pitch.” “I like the intensity of the players here. This is a really tough league. “But it’s a great intensity and a positive sign.”

“For me, this experience was wonderful. Yes , The competition here is really tough. You can not play calmly here. You are winning the match. However, with 10 minutes left in the game, you can not count on winning. “Anything can happen in 10 minutes.”

“I think this is the best league in the world. The intensity of the competition is amazing. Every team can play and show top quality. “Technically, this level is very high.” “There are players and coaches from all over the country. Therefore, in this league, Cultures were perfect. There are also different types of players. Different attitudes were perfect here. “

“I think that’s why this league has been at the top. As you know. “This league is full of the best players from all walks of life.” (The differences of the Premier League)