Do you know wonderful Dubai Museum? Dubai in the UAE is a lovely city. Some also recommend visiting Abu Dhabi. I would also like to fly to Emirates on an Emirates flight if I have the chance. In my previous post about Jumeirah Beach, I mentioned some great places to visit in Dubai. I would like to share a story from my visit to the wonderful Dubai Museum.

For me, Dubai is like Nay Pyi Taw. I felt that I had to travel long distances on good roads to get from one place to another in a clear car. The Dubai Museum seems to be located in the heart of the city. There are a lot of buildings around. There are shops. So, people often travel by car. Roads narrow.

The building design of the Dubai Museum is unique. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. At first glance, I thought nothing seemed to be inside. At the entrance, visitors are drawn to the unique gates of the ancient city. Who started the museum? It is hung on the wall in front of the entrance with a sign saying who repaired it.

There are photos on the right and a ticket office on the left. As you enter, you will notice that the sand beneath the walls of the moat shows a variety of boats used in the past. Because of its focus on fishing, we can consider the evolution of boats. So, boats are displayed on the left side of the entrance. On the right is a picture of an ancient house. Arab women themselves are showing off their character. So, I sit in front of the house like this.

This kind of cooking. There is a dormitory and a summer sleeping area. It is forbidden to take pictures with a camera, but a Chinese group is forcing people to take pictures. So I quickly recorded what I thought would release. Arab women, on the other hand, tell them not to force themselves to take pictures when they photographed directly. When shooting from a distance, they say nothing.

If you go to the right, you will see a hole in the wall of the ditch. If you visit, you will find a souvenir shop. From there you will find large glass cabinets displaying ancient weapons. This is on the right hand side. On the left side, there is a stairway that goes down to the side where there are boats. From there, you can go underground and see their fine art. Downstairs, there is little light. With his show and his small rooms, you can feel like you are really in the light and dark. Technology It captivates people with its arts. It was then that I wondered if this was a good museum.

From each exhibit, their country’s economy, Social It reflects the religious situation. Let’s say you have a pottery business and you have to go to the shop where the pottery is being made and put the pots in the market so that you can feel it. The video is playing later. In the video, a man is sculpting a potter’s wheel. Is the real person doing it? I have to watch a lot of videos. The same is true of children in religious schools. The children are staring. Singing These sounds are broadcast. If you do not know, it’s really weird. Would I fly away if I walked alone? The wax statues are very much alive. Even small animals are alive. The education system is also good. Each show is technically state-of-the-art to keep it interesting and not boring.

However, a closer look at the entire museum takes no more than an hour. So, the unique Dubai Museum in the Underground really excites me. It is admirable that the exhibits created with the help of technology so that they can remember a rough idea of ​​their country. If you are in Dubai, you must visit this place.