In this article, we will talk about Henry Larson and One of the best players in Germany. Celtic and Barcelona striker Henry Larson joined Manchester United on a season-long loan from Sir Alex Ferguson in 2007 and has only played for a short time. However, the Swedish striker has become a favorite of United fans and has been hailed as a successful signing.

But Larson did not play long at Old Trafford. Larsen, who was loaned out to Swedish club Helsingborg, played for United for just two months before returning to Sweden. Why? . . Larsen United arrived at the end of a Swedish football season and returned to Hessenborg at the start of the new season.

United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has agreed, but in an interview with Sky Sports, Lassen admitted he regretted playing just 12 games for United and why he did not play for a long time. I told him. In the interview, Larsen said:

“How loyal he was to his original club, Hassan Bowl, and a promise that kept him from playing for United for a long time.”

I still remember them. The manager (Ferguson) wanted me to stay. But I have made a promise to Helson Bob. “I can do nothing.” “Hessenborg is a small club in Sweden. They invested a lot of money to call me.

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“Manchester United were a very strong team at the time. There were a series of victories. But I did not want to break my promise. “That’s why I went back to Sweden.” United captain Gary Neville persuaded Larsen to stay at the club at the time.

“The warm welcome was a very happy time for him at United,” Larsen said. “My career as a footballer has been satisfying. He has played for big clubs and won trophies. He also scored goals. I have only one regret.

“It did not stay long at Manchester United.” Larson has made just 12 appearances for United in all competitions, scoring just three goals. Larsen is currently retiring from football and transitioning to coaching.

These days, many world-famous footballers have revealed that he was very close to a move to United. Among them are Bayern Munich strikers Thomas Muller, Lewandowski Today, Real Madrid midfielder Tony Cruz has revealed that he was close to a move to Old Trafford during Moyes’ time.

United resigned in 2013 after Sir Alex Ferguson retired. He was replaced by Scottish coach David Moyes. Moyes has been trying to bring in Tony Cruz while trying to shape United after Ferguson. “Cruz has reached an agreement with me to move to United.”

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He told Talk Sports. At that time, they met and discussed with the couple. “He is still playing for Bayern.” If only David Moyes had been United manager. Cruz must have held the United jersey.

But in April 2014, He was expelled from office. Plans for the relocation have also changed. Louis van Gaal has confirmed he will take over as United’s new manager at the time. Van Gaal has not been able to focus on Cruz ‘move and has spent most of his time at the Netherlands’ World Cup.

Real Madrid coach Ancelotti has taken advantage of the ongoing news of Cruz ‘move. “David Moyes met and ate with me,” said the German sniper. Basically, the contract issues are almost over. However, he was expelled. Van Gaal replaced him.

At that moment, everything went awry. I have heard that Van Gaal is preparing to form his favorite club. But I did not receive any communication from him. Doubts have been raised about the transfer. At the start of the World Cup, Ancelotti called me directly.

This is how I came to Bernabeu. ” United were not the only club trying to sign Cruz at the time. Liverpool was also involved. Cruz also admitted that Liverpool key players Gerrard and Suarez had sent messages to move to the club. He is Best Players in Germany.