Old Trafford or Manchester United fans will be delighted with the transfer window this summer. The signing of Jadan Sancho for the right winger, who has been a weakness for many seasons, has excited United fans as they look forward to the new season. Real Madrid have also been linked with a move for Real Madrid defender Rafael Varane, who has been linked with a move away from Old Trafford.

Varane at Old Trafford

Varane arrived at Real Madrid’s training ground on Friday morning to meet with his team-mates and friends. Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has said he will not be leaving the club this summer. Analysts say Varane’s arrival has boosted Manchester United’s defense and boosted their chances of winning the title this season.

Varane also became the 13th Frenchman to join Manchester United in the Premier League. The story of United and the Frenchman, which started with Eric Cantona, has had its ups and downs, with Anthony Marshall and Pogba currently playing for the club.

Under Sir Alex’s United manager, Cantona, There were successful Frenchmen like Ibara, as well as O’Brien. Schneiderlin There were also some unsuccessful French players, such as Baileyne. It remains to be seen who Varane will follow in his footsteps.

If you look at the 12 Frenchmen who played for United before Varane, they are the winners and losers. You can tell the difference between a loser and a moderate winner. Among the losers were William Prunia, Oh Barton! David Belion Morgan Schneiderlin must be listed.

Fabian Barthell at Old Trafford

France and 1988 World Cup winners Fabian Barthell and Laurent Blanc have had similar success at Manchester United. Anthony Marshall and Paul Pogba, who are currently playing, have also won the Europa League and domestic knockout stages.

There are four Frenchmen who can be considered successful at United. These people include Michael Sevastra, Lewis Saha Patrick Ibrahimovic and Eric Cantona. Sevastra played for United from 1999 to 2008, winning four Premier League titles; FA Cup He has won the Champions League and the League Cup, and has been a key figure in the club’s left-back position and center-back position.

Luis Saha was signed from Fulham in 2004 on a free transfer. The French striker has worn the Red Jersey for four seasons and has scored more than 40 goals in 120 appearances. Saha also won the trophy twice. We won the Champions League and the League Cup.

Patrick Ibrahimovic at Old Trafford

Patrick Ibrahimovic is one of the best players in Manchester today and is the most successful Frenchman in the world. Ibrahimovic, who joined Manchester United from Monaco in the winter of 2006, spent eight years at the club.

Ibrahimovic played a key role in Manchester United’s second golden days under Ferguson, winning five trophies, including three domestic titles. They have won three defeats and the 2008 Champions League. He is one of the best full-backs in the history of the Premier League.

Eric Cantona at Old Trafford

Eric Cantona is one of the most famous Frenchmen at Manchester. Considered one of the best. Although not as European as Ibrahimovic, Cantona played a more important role than Ibrahimovic.

Cantona signed from Leeds United in 1992, and under his leadership, Manchester United have won the league title for more than two decades and become one of the most successful teams in the Premier League. Without Cantona, speculation that United would not successful today. The best answer to the question of why Cantona was “The King”. You can read another related news on this sport category. our partnership news website is Asia News Bar.

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