Social networks is very important today. The South African-born billionaire has bought Twitter. And the European Union, which used to crack down on big tech, has launched social media. The European Union’s Data Protection Agency (EDPS) has launched two private social media platforms, EU Voice and EU Video, according to Gizmodo.

EU Voice established last week as a platform for European organizations and agencies to connect regularly, as announced on a pilot on its own Mastodon server. EU Voice is a Twitter-like platform for posting short texts; You can connect by sharing photos and videos.

The EU video platform is based on the open-source platform PeerTube, a social media platform similar to YouTube. Sharing video and audio podcasts on EU Video; You can upload and comment. Both platforms are independent and open-source social media platforms without central control.

According to EDPS, these social networks are platforms that focus on privacy. Last April, the EU announced that Google, The Digital Services Act (DSA) Act, which sets out how algorithms work for social media companies such as Meta, has been approved.

If a lot of Noti Sounds come in at full volume, it looks like someone is shooting with a gun. The Nothing Launcher is currently in beta for users to try out. And the software experience will upgrade before it can officially pre-install on Phone 1, which will be Nothing’s first phone.