It is experimenting with redesigning video posts to compete with TikTok. 

According to Tech Crunch, Instagram is experimenting with converting video posts into 60-second Reels videos, just like TikTok. The company says it is experimenting exclusively with users around the world as part of a program to simplify video on Instagram’s app. “We are testing this feature as part of our efforts to simplify and streamline our Instagram video experience,” a Meta spokesperson said in an email.

According to a screenshot on Twitter by social media consultant Matt Navara, people in the Instagram experiment will see an in-app message saying, “Video posts are now shared as reels.” If your account is public in the message, your uploaded videos will be reels.

Others will see your reel, and others will be able to create their own reels using their original audio. In private accounts, only your followers will see your reels. Once you post a reel on Instagram, if your account is public, anyone can remix your reel. You can also disable your account in other settings in your account settings.

Instagram has been distributing Reels videos in the United States since August 2020. The Reels short video format is also gaining traction. It will expand its testing of video posts as reels, and has yet to say what the current Instagram videos will look like.

Instagram launches new feaure to compete with TikTok

Instagram has announced a feature called Reels that can capture and edit 15-second video clips.

Reels, like TikTok, will feature background sound, special effects, and new creative tools. Reels India Brazil France Germany Hypebeast reports that it will be released in 50 countries, including the UK and Japan. Instagram’s new video feature includes AR effects; New editing tools like countdown timer and music will include. Instagram Reels has an Instagram Camera button on the top left, and the interface redesigned. Re-sharing a video created on Reels is a great way to share regular posts, videos, and more. It will be like sharing live video.

You can also make your videos visible to everyone when you share them, and keep them private and visible only to your followers. Reels Videos It will look like a video and will appear in the Feed and Discover tabs. Instagram has been testing Reels features in Brazil since late last year. Currently, this feature is available in the US and Canada. UK India Japan Australia Distributed in France and Germany.