Technology billionaire who saved a person’s life while attending a conference. A chief executive of a software company attending a company conference in Las Vegas. Australia has come to the rescue of a lifeguard. 

Scott Ferguson, co-CEO and co-founder of Atlassian Software, traveled to Las Vegas from Sydney, Australia last April for a company conference. The Team ’22 conference was attended by Atlassian staff members and the use of company software. The event was attended by several speakers, including Fakuha and former Disney CEO Bob Iga.

About three nights before the show began on April 5, Fakuha and a friend had dinner at the Omnia nightclub at Caesars Palace. While eating and drinking at the club, Scott Ferguson saw a man fall on the way from the dance floor to the bathroom.

Faku, who has been training as a scout in Australia for a decade, immediately arranged for an emergency rescue as soon as he saw the incident. He tried to save his life by performing CPR by clinging to a unconscious person. Fakuha, who previously practiced CPR emergency life with puppets, recalled that the first time a person rescued in this way.


“As you try to breathe, the patient is stopped by a club security guard. So, Fakuha asked, ‘Will you come?’ After security allowed him to stay alive. Fakuha pushed the unconscious man with his hand to his heart. He continued to breathe.

Later, a paramedic wearing plastic gloves joined the crowd and took out items from his bag to help. The unconscious patient was able to stand on the floor. But his face was white and bloodless and his breathing was weak.

He later learned that his lifeguard was alive. Faku owns a 22% stake in Australian-based software company Atlassian and is worth more than $ 10 billion. He said he was proud to have done the right thing.