Shirakawago is a Lovely Traditional Village. I don’t know if I was born in a country where snow is rare. Snow It’s heartbreaking to see the ice. As a kid, I used to watch snow on the ground and wanted to watch it on TV. I always wondered what it would be like to live. I want to feel the cold taste. So as you grow older, you will see snow. There is thick ice. I really want to go if I am brought up on an iceberg. While in Japan, I was very happy to visit Shirakawago, which is famous for its snow-covered huts.

To the area called Shirakawago (traditional village)

When we arrived in Osaka, we visited here. Of course, it would have been nice if we could have stayed up all night, but we only went back for a day trip. Himawari (Himawari) is one of the major tour operators in Japan.

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in central Japan. Grassho-Zukuri is visited by a large number of traditional huts with a thick grass canopy structure. Grassho-Zukuri is said to be a pair of hands praying. The design is as thick as the roofs of temples in Bali, Indonesia. This side is easily called Shirakawago, but it can be roughly divided into two parts. Shirakawago belongs to Gifu and Gokayama to Toyama. Both of these areas are home to small villages with traditional houses.

Both sites were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1995 thanks to Gassho-zukuri traditional houses. That is why every Japanese visitor to these areas tries to visit. Domestic tourists from Japan also visit. Some even spend the night in Takayama. From there, it takes about an hour by bus.

Although we just want to see the snow and the ice and visit during the icy season, this Shirakawago is a beautiful place all season long. For some, the winter solstice is more beautiful, but the spring cherry blossoms are more beautiful. Winter is a beautiful time of year. Summer paddy season is also a beautiful place.

The village of Ogimachi I visited

As far as Shirakawago(traditional village) is concerned, there is Ogimachi village, which is the most visited village. Traditional farm houses are also the most common. On the Gokayama side are the villages of Ainokura and Suganuma. It is not as big as this side. I visited Ogimachi village in Shirakawago. Some simply say Shirakawago village.

The closer you get to Shirakawago(traditional village) on the way from Osaka, the more snowy and windy it becomes. Snow mountains The more you see the snow-covered trees and the roofs of the houses, the better. As soon as I saw Snow because I was crazy, I got excited and took photos and videos. In fact, it is worse then worthless, it consumes time and resources but returns no sales. When we came, it was nine o’clock. In February, when the snow had passed, the snow and ice were falling apart, but fortunately it was snowing the day before.

When we arrived in Ogimachi, we first saw the Tourist Information Center. Cars were parked in front of the building. I remember going to the toilet and going all the way to the cold and light and fast. It makes people lighter. From there, we had to cross the cable-stayed bridge. The cable-stayed bridge is long and overlooks the vast river below. Ice, snow, and parts; It was fun to see the water flowing in and out. Some even went down to the lower reaches of the river to take pictures.

The village is an interesting natural museum everywhere. It is fun to walk along the path. Are the houses occupied? No, it doesn’t matter. They are up to date. The building is old-fashioned. There is also a house with cars. So it is commendable that they are not paying attention to tourism. The main road in their village is Shirawakago Kaido Road. There is a restaurant on that road. Most souvenir shops.

I noticed that the restaurant was selling traditional food. Japanese food. Strangely enough, I found some ice cream parlors and coffee shops. I try to eat ice cream to satisfy my cravings in very cold and icy weather. It’s really good to eat. Not to mention the taste of ice cream. It means the feeling of eating ice cream. The ice cream over there I feel bad compared to other areas. Rough. The main road, Shirawakago Kaido, is closed from 9 am to 4 pm, which is frequented by tourists. They make money by maintaining it systematically.

I was walking a short distance. In fact, you can climb the mountain and go to the scenic spot Tenshukaku to see the whole village from above. Summer is more beautiful. If the sky is blue and there are green fields. We spent about three hours in this village and returned. The feeling of 3 hours is truly unforgettable.

Best time to visit Shirakawago (traditional village)

As I said before, this area is always beautiful, but most people like it during the icy winter months when there is a lot of ice on the roofs. And when there is a light show. It is very beautiful when the lights are on in the village houses. Most photographers are crazy about this. Make sure you come at night and take good photos.

The best time to visit is between March and May, when spring is best time in Japan. When the cherry blossoms bloom, you will see the most beautiful condition. The surrounding mountains are still white because there will still be snow. The beautiful cherry blossoms bloom in a green environment. I imagined it would be beautiful because it would be paired with brown houses.

From June to August, the summer season in Japan, you will see another flavor. The flowers will bloom. There will be paddy fields in the fields. Summers are very hot in Japan, so it is still cooler than anywhere else, so the weather will be a happy start. During the autumn season, from September to November, you can still see the yellow leaves falling apart.

For me, I just fell in love with what I saw when I arrived. Thank you for the opportunity to experience a beautiful painting for yourself. The more I saw these beautiful and lovely things, the more I wanted to visit Japan again and again. We were also relieved by the well-organized tours provided by Himawari Travels & Tours when we visited Japan. So, if you are visiting Japan, I would like you to connect with this tourism industry. Imagining the beauty of Japan, I missed it for a while.