Germany, Neuschwanstein Castle is located in the mountains near the small town of Füssen in the southernmost region of Bavaria, Germany. In the early 19th century, King Luwig (II) of Bavaria purchased the mountainous area. The castle is located and started building the castle.

The king instructed the workers to complete the construction of the castle on the hill, which was difficult to navigate, within three years. This was insufficient time, so workers were made to work day and night. But being on the mountain, It took twelve years to build because of its magnificent structure.

King Louis (II) dedicated it as his residence after the construction of the castle was completed, but before the construction of the castle was completed in 1886. The king lived in Nat Ywa. During the construction of the castle, the king lived in a small house at the gate. He oversaw the completion of the construction of the castle. But the fact that he never lived in the castle, as he had hoped, has been a source of sadness for locals and tourists to this day.

The castle allowed to be visit the public within a short period of time after King Nat’s death. Since then, about 61 million people have visited the Great Northwest Castle. About 1.6 million tourists visit the world every year.

Another feature of Northwestern Castle that attracts tourists is that the castle is based on the public’s childhood memories, which is Disney’s Cinderella’s Castle. In addition, it is a real-life castle based on the original Sleeping Beauty Castle from Disneyland in Paris. The animated castle that always show before the movies produced by Walt Disney is the Northwestern Castle.

The history and structure of the castle is not only magnificent, but also the area where it is located. Due to the natural environment and weather conditions, the beauty of the castle is spring, summer Autumn In all the four winter seasons. Each of them is beautiful and has existed for many years. If you visit the Neustein Castle in the spring, you will see a misty sky and green forests and high green Bavarian mountains.

If you visit the North Stein Castle during the summer. You will see the clear blue sky and green forests and high green Bavarian mountains. If you visit the castle of North Rhine-Westphalia in autumn. You will see the poetic beauty between the clear blue sky and the orange groves and the high Bavarian mountains.

If you visit the Great Northwest Castle during the winter season. You will see the natural beauty of the clear blue sky and the cold whiteness of the entire forest. This article describes the stunning North Stein Castle in Germany, which is full of natural beauty.