The Japanese obsession is also unique. There are more than 3,000 temples around Kyoto, Japan. These thousands of temples have different structures and structures. The different forms of religious practice are fascinating, one after the other. If you are in Kyoto and want to choose a temple that is very lively, I would suggest you to visit this temple.

Yasaka Koshindo Temple (Kongoji Temple)

The title of this temple is Yasaka Koshindo, but most people know it as Kongoji Temple. The length is Daikokusan Kongo-ji Koshin-do. You will find this shrine in Kyoto’s Higashiyama prefecture. The problem is not so obvious. Because it is small, it can be dizzy and pass by. It is in a small yard. People often visit the famous Kiyomizu dera Temple near it. Most tourists come to take pictures. This place with colorful balloons hanging on Instagram is so beautiful.

As mentioned earlier, Japanese temples often have a different style of worship. Here, too, there is a unique form of worship. Worshipers write their wishes on colorful balloons called Kukurizaru. Then just hook it up to the hooks there. Kukurizaru is a piece of cloth that looks like a round ball. It is said to represent the monkeys that bring good luck. It costs 500 yen each. I want to be with you. It is believed that prayers are fulfilled if one sacrifices one’s wealth and worship.

Next time, those who pray for health believe that a monkey-shaped Konnyaku bread can be turned to the north and eaten quietly without speaking. Here are the most popular: It is a ritual of love. They make couples. That is why when you enter the temple grounds, you will feel lovely. People were wearing kimonos and taking pictures of people everywhere with colorful balls tied around them. Just because the space is small. There are also kimono rental shops along the way so you can rent and take photos.

The Yasaka Koshindo (Kongoji) Temple in Kyoto, with its unique beliefs and structure, will be filled with prayers. For those who come for fun, Although it is always full of tourists from all over the world for photography, I would like to suggest a place to visit for those who want to see the unique temples around Kyoto. When I visit Japan, I can own Japanese trips and have good service. Always go with reliable Himawari Travels & Tours.