I was very excited when I was told that I was going to Nazareth today. It is a name that has been mentioned many times in the Bible. And the names in the Burmese Bible are often out of place. The difference is that the name of this city is exactly the same. I think that’s why we feel closer. The town of Nazareth was not the birthplace of Jesus Christ, but it is a dream come true. This small town is also unique in that it looks different from other Israeli cities.

The small town of Nazareth

The local guide who accompanied the Israelite pilgrims was a Nazarene. He noticed that he called Nazareth a small town. Unlike other cities in Israel, it is a small town with a different culture. It was a small town, but not a few houses. It is quite spacious and crowded. There are a lot of buildings being demolished. During the Roman occupation of Galilee, there was only one quiet village inhabited by the Jews. The small town of Nazareth is popular because it is the place where the angel Gabriel announced the birth of Jesus Christ to the Virgin Mary. (Luke 1: 1 26-38).

In addition, many Bible-related topics are appealing to pilgrims and visitors alike. It is a favorite of historians as well. When Christ was born in Bethlehem (Bethlehem), King Herod mistakenly tried to assassinate him. It has exterminated all children from the age of two. At this time Christ’s family had to flee to Egypt and return to Galilee only after Herod died and his son became king. And the Bible says that they lived in Nazareth forever. That’s what I did. At this time Christ’s family had to flee to Egypt and return to Galilee only after Herod died and his son became king.

And the Bible says that they lived in Nazareth forever. That’s what I did. At this time Christ’s family had to flee to Egypt and return to Galilee only after Herod died and his son became king. And the Bible says that they lived in Nazareth forever.“According to the words of the prophets, Christ will be called the Nazarene. He came to a city called Nazareth, where he stayed forever. ” (Matthew 2:23).

Nazareth (Childhood of Jesus Christ)

Nazareth is arguably the largest Arab city in Israel. The development of the new city is huge and complex. The Old Town is also full of tourists, with roadside cafes and bars. Souvenir shops; It’s bustling with bakeries. Nazareth is not found in the Old Testament but in the New Testament. After the Jewish uprising, the Roman Empire exterminated almost all Jews. Later, the entire Roman Empire became Christian, and from the 4th century onwards, temples and religious structures associated with Jesus Christ and Mary.

Today in Nazareth, there are many sects of Christians, Muslims, and non-Muslims. There are Jews. Around the ancient city, there are temples and shrines. Monasteries; Nunneries; You will see many hostels and schools. The roads are narrow and we have to walk up and down hills like Kalaw town. There are also bathrooms made of clay pipes from 2000 years ago. I did not arrive.

April and April are the best times to visit Nazareth. May, September and October. The weather is warm and free of rain and snow. The summer months from June to August are quite hot and the days are very long. It is not dark until late at night. Winter is also wet and snowy. In Nazareth, shops are open even on the Jewish Sabbath, but most stores and restaurants are closed on Sundays.

The Church of the Annunciation (Childhood of Jesus Christ)

The site of The Church of the Annunciation is said to be the home of the Virgin Mary. This is why it is called the Annunciation because the angel Gabriel preached to Mary about the conception of Jesus Christ. “And the angel said, Mary Do not be afraid. You have found favor in the sight of God. You will conceive and give birth to a son. And you shall call his name Jesus. ” (Luke 1: 30-31)

The church is quite large. Can you see it from Nazareth? The cathedral is a Roman Catholic church. The first was a small church, and the second was built during the Roman Byzantine period. The third church was built during the Crusades, and the fourth church was built in 1877. It is a two-story structure with a sacred cave downstairs and a Roman Catholic chapel upstairs. Most notably, mosaics depicting images of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus were erected around the perimeter wall of the cathedral. There are a lot of paintings. There is also a religion to study inside the church We still see a lot of art. Visitors line up to worship the sacred cave below.

The Church of St. Joseph (Childhood of Jesus Christ)

The Church of St. Paul, dedicated to Joseph (Joseph), the earthly father of Jesus Christ. You can visit Joseph on the other side of The Church of the Annunciation. It’s the same circle. The temple was built on a cave where Joseph’s carpenter worked, and it is remarkable to be able to descend into the basement. The church was built in 1914 on top of existing temples. From The Church of Annunciation The Church of St. On the way to Joseph, we see a large bronze statue of Saint Joseph (St. Joseph). There are people praying in front of the statue for health. Both knees of the statue shone as they rubbed their knees and prayed.

The focus is on these places in Nazareth. There are also shops and markets, so the attention is not quite concentrated. Things to eat Coffee shops are also attractive. You can also see Nazareth sitting in a coffee shop playing a game. In addition to the above places, The Church of the Synagogue and The Church of St. You can also visit Gabriel & Mary’s Well . The Church of Annunciation and The Church of St. Gabriel & Mary’s Well are skeptical. Mary’s Well Mary’s well is located at The Church of St. Mary. It will be found in the church of Gabriel.

Nazareth is like a lovely mountain town. It is also a pleasure to walk around the city. If you go to a temple and study, it is a place where you have to spend a lot of time studying. I want to describe it as a place where I feel the love and peace of Christ.