Singapore is one of the fascinators destinations in the map of the tourist of the world. I don’t know if people value it when they are allowed to do it. If you can’t do it anymore, you want to do it. Now I really want to travel a lot. Even if you don’t have to travel far, it is as close as Singapore. Is Singapore a country most of us Myanmar would like to visit? Visit Education Occupation Shopping for a variety of purposes. I miss Singapore because it is a place where I meet my friends.

The Best Time in Singapore

I remember the times when I visited Singapore. It is an English-speaking country, making it convenient for travelers. Most Burmese friends go to school; Being a working country, I was able to visit a variety of places without any embarrassment when I arrived. Is it expensive? Yes, as a developed country, the price is not cheap. Hotel Market The cost of renting a car is high. But with good credit, you might find exactly what you need. I just searched the internet for cheap hotels. Last time, it was not cheap to stay in Little India. The situation is almost on Mago Road in downtown Yangon. I have studied MRT and public buses which are convenient for transportation. But You need to avoid office hours. Because people are so crowded. There are also Grab taxis, but they are more expensive and I would recommend using public transportation. I got along well with the help of my friends who were there. When they have a holiday together, they make an appointment to go for a walk. For me, the moon in Singapore is just as beautiful as in any other developed country.

Disciplined Singapore

In terms of discipline, I like the fact that Singapore is a safe place to live because of the low crime rate. Even walking late at night makes me feel so comfortable that I do not feel left out. You also need to follow the rules that they set. The rules and regulations are many. PK chewing is banned, so you have to follow their rules. The penalty for non-compliance is frightening. When I was in Singapore, I used to visit Clarke Quay with my friends at night. Just enter the club and sit in the bar and relax. For a quiet taste, head to the Marina Bay area and sit back and enjoy the colorful lights. Some Burmese like Mustafa very much, but I do not like it very much.

I often buy clothes in Singapore. There are many different brands, but since I am not a brand fanatic, I only buy cheap, durable and beautiful clothes. I like Vivo City. I also like to buy souvenirs from China Town. When it comes to buying gifts for family and friends here, it’s even more so for those memories.

Singapore is full of food

Singapore is a multicultural East and West, so the food is quite varied. There are some things that you must not eat when you come to Singapore. When you date your friends, it is usually in a place where you can eat and drink. I like street food, and when I travel, I eat more local street food because it gives me a better idea of ​​the history of that country or city. I like Ikan Bakar grilled fish with banana leaves in Singapore. Chicken rice is also addictive. And pork rice. Singaporean food is a little sweeter, so who likes it? There are people who do not like it. For me, the food court is clean and tidy, so it tastes better. As a health-conscious country, the food is carefully prepared and kept clean.

It’s been a Fri time since I’ve been to Singapore and I’m going to visit again. If you can visit Singapore now, make friends with your friends and enjoy Singaporean street food as usual. Visiting new places that have not been visited yet. I still want to go shopping. What do my traveling lions like to do in Singapore? Let’s share experiences.