Visit the Eiffel Tower, a symbol of French arrival and one of Paris’ landmarks. The tower is 300 meters high and is made of steel. All three seasons are beautiful, and there are restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the view from the tower. There are offices. If you have time, you should definitely check it out.

You have to buy a queue ticket. Some tours that come in a few days due to the uphill climb do not usually take place, usually around 2 hours, so you have to spend time elsewhere. The tower can be seen from all sides of the city, so it is imaginative to photograph it.

Because of the crowds of tourists everywhere he could not be photographed. A friend of mine Directly to the west of the tower is a pre-school. It would be nice to see a tower from the top of the nearby Japanese Museum. It’s a little-known place. Directly down from the museum you will find a park. You can still shoot from that park. We went to a square and shot from there. The problem is that it is designed for travelers, so people are very busy.

Paris de Chaillot Square (Eiffel Tower)

It’s a little easier to go up and down the stairs. There is also a fire at this tower at night. very beautiful. I play fire for 5 minutes every hour. It was only around 10 pm. This is also great for taking photos and videos. Blacksmiths can be found everywhere at such tourist attractions. There are also white people. It is important to note that there are a lot of fishing nets. Some even show small maps as a group I can still draw.

Many people came to take pictures from Paris de Chaillot Square. Paris Tourist Office If you can look down to the stairs below, you will be able to shoot more clearly. Climb the stair treads to get a closer look at the tower.