Paris, France, is so romantic that it says, “Paris cannot be exchanged for you” like U Nyi Htut’s favorite song when he was a child. I want to say that the poem is soft enough to be described as the atmosphere of love everywhere.

Paris, the capital of France, famous for its world-famous perfumes, is a dream destination for travelers to Europe. I too often dreamed of Paris. I really want to be there. Perfume City There are endless reasons why tourists want to visit this small town, which can be described as a fashion capital. Let me take you to those places.

Moon: Enjoy the big plane

If we go to Paris from Myanmar, we can go through Emirates, Qatar, Thai Airways, Vietnam Airlines. There are other airlines as well. Through You have to go through two stages. Emirates, Qatar and Vietnam Airlines fly through Doha. If you travel to Vietnam, you will have to take the next step with Air France. Emirates, Qatar and Thai Airways can only fly their own planes.

With Thai Airways, you have to fly from Bangkok. It is said that the drawing has not started recently. When I went, I went with Qatar. Flight time is 7 hours from Yangon to Doha, 4 hours to Doha and another 7 hours from Doha to Paris. The longest flight would be a 14-hour flight.

There are so many beautiful place in Paris.

01 :: Eiffel Tower
02:: Arc de Triomphe
03 :: Louvre Museum
04 :: Notre Dame of Paris
05 :: Sightseeing Cruising along Seine River
06 :: Shopping in Paris

In fact, France is one of the first countries to consider when traveling to Europe. It is also worth a visit to the French capital, Paris. If I have more time, I can visit France with museums, historical buildings and many interesting places to study.

For Myanmar people, it is more appropriate to go on a tour with a tour program first than to travel to Europe alone. They can arrange for you to find a restaurant that caters to Burmese food. If you make a mistake on the road, you can get a lot of help with the tour. Trips to Europe 5 countries 6 countries They are selling local tourism products to 9 countries. You can connect with your favorite tourism industry.