Thai BL Actors Achievement Levels in January 2022

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Every month, the results of the celebrity rankings of Thai actors are announced. As the global penetration of Thai BL films intensified, so did the success of BL actors. According to celebrity polls, the global level of success of Thai BL actors for January 2022 has emerged.

(1) Bright Vachirawit
Bright Vachirawit, who starred in the recent release of “F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers,” has become even more successful. By definition, Bright maintains its position as ‌ Level 1’s success.

(2) Win Metawin
The second place winner is Win Metawin from “F4 ​​Thailand: Boys Over Flowers”. Win’s flamboyant character style captivated the audience quite a bit.

(3) Nanon Korapat
Nanon Korapat, who rose to fame with “Bad Buddy: The Series”, finished third in the January Top 10. “Bad Buddy: The Series” became a success for Nanon.

(4) Mew Suppasit
Mew Suppasit, a versatile singer-actor, is in fourth place. Fans are very worried about the recent news that Mew has been infected with Kovis.

The remaining Top 10 January BL Actors are:

(5) Krist Perawat

(6) Gulf Kanawut

(7) Ohm Pawat

(8) Atthaphan Poonsawas

(9) Off Jumpol

(10) Chimon Wachirawit and Tay Tawan.