K-Idols who adopted and cared for abandoned dogs

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In Korea, more than 500,000 puppies are abandoned each year. As a result, more and more people are being adopted from care homes, including K-pop idols. Idols who adopt and take care of poor children

1. WINNER Kang Seungyoon

WINNER member Kang Seungyoon adopted a puppy and named it Thor. Thor was rescued from a puppy mill, and Thor, who was in critical condition with no one to take care of him, was forced to die. Fortunately, in November 2017, volunteers found out about her recovery on social media, and Kang Seungyoon contacted Thor to adopt Thor.


In December 2020, BLACKPINK Rosé announced her adoption of an abandoned dog in an Instagram post. The dog, named Hank, is from a shelter in Gangneon, Gangneung Province, originally named Mir. Hank was ill and hospitalized for three months, but Rosé had to adopt him.

3. NU’EST Aron

On January 1, 2019, NU’EST Aron posted a post on Insti announcing the addition of a new family member. In November 2018, a post was published on social media saying that a dog had been abandoned due to severe hair loss and was living in a car park. Aron’s friend rescued the dog and adopted him by the name of Kkotsooni.

4. TWICE Momo

TWICE Momo is known to have adopted a puppy. In January 2021, while Momo and Nayeon were doing V Live, Momo mentioned that she had adopted a dog and named him Dobby. Dobby is similar to Momo’s ex-dog Boo.

5. Loco

Rapper Loco revealed his new family member in December 2018. The dog, originally named Happy, was rescued by charities after its owners moved away. When Loco found out about this, she contacted him and adopted the dog. The name was changed to Latte.

6. Kim Sohye

I.O.I member Kim Sohye appeared on channel A’s “Dog Papa” program, temporarily caring for a puppy named Milk, which was eventually adopted.

7. HyunA and DAWN

Celebrity couple HyunA and DAWN adopted a puppy together in December 2019 and named it Haenim. DAWN first posted a post on Instagram informing the audience, and in the second post, a picture of HyunA and the four dogs.
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