Zhou Ye, a member of Word of Honor who became Yang Yang’s co-star

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Do you remember the young man in Word of Honor who used to follow and take care of his master? Zhou Ye, who played Ah Shan, has been cast in more roles since the Word of Honor. He has been cast alongside top Yang A-list actor Yang Yang. The duo will be filming a love story between the fire chief and the doctor girl called “My Fireworks on Earth”.

Filming for “My Fireworks on Earth” will begin in March and is expected to take about five months. It is reported that Wang Churan and Song Zuer also competed with Zhou Ye to partner Yang Yang in the drama. Eventually, Zhou Ye will be filming with Yang Yang. The series will be based on the novel “A City Waiting For You” by Jiu Yuexi. The director is Li Muge, who is known for his emphasis on the setting and the plot. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But the plot revolves around a mysterious water drop between a fire chief and a doctor in charge of the emergency department. Sometimes it is said that a love affair does not require a lot of sweet words, but only the actions that can be felt in the heart. I want to highlight the role of the fire brigade and the doctors. Fires; Shooting can be quite challenging, as it can involve a wide range of human accidents as well as car accidents.

For Post 95 actress Zhou Ye, “My Fireworks on Earth” is a new story that will raise the level of success. For Yang Yang, it’s a very challenging story in terms of filming, so I’ll encourage you when it comes out.

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